For this project, I will to compile a catalogue of the various struts and supports for all the copies within the Resting Satyr sculpture series. A detailed catalogue of the miniature copies within this sculpture series has already been compiled by Elizabeth Bartman. Additional scholarship has also been done on struts in sculptural assemblages from Sperlonga, the Antikythera wreck, Punta Epitaffio, and Olympia. For this catalogue, I will study multiple copies within a single sculptural type and series, and observe variations in the replication of struts between different copies of the Resting Satyr. By noting differences and similarities, I will add to existing conclusions about material production, artistic method, and regional differences between workshops.

One major challenge that will need to be overcome in this study is noting which copies have struts and supports that are modern reconstructions, and analyzing the evidence used by conservators for a particular copy. Another consideration is that some variations between supports in the sculptural series are likely a result of scale, since many of the extant copies are miniature. A final concern is that many of the sculptures within the Resting Satyr series do not have a clear provenience. I propose to address these challenges by creating a database that contains each sculptural copy. This database will contain notes on modern conservation efforts, provenience whenever possible, as well as the size and scale of each sculptural copy. This database will be a valuable contribution to existing scholarship and a useful tool in future research.