One of the most important things to me is serving my department and colleagues.


Graduate Informatics Student Association

GISA is the official representative body for doctoral students in Informatics. We address matters pertaining to the academic, professional, and social climate as they affect the life and well-being of the Informatics doctoral student. We are here to serve our fellow students in the department, whether that be through appealing for more resources, organizing social events, or just helping people along. Come to one of our events!

Our department is incredibly supportive of students; all the success we’ve seen is a direct result of the faculty’s support of GISA. During my first year, I served as the Executive Chair of Graduate Informatics Student Association. In my role as president, I initiated several new initiatives, including the incoming student mentorship program, and regular student dinners.

During my second year, I served as the Institutional Voice Chair and Representative on the Graduate Program Committee. In my role as “voice” for the students, I counseled several students through difficulties in the program, and was the driver behind the new School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering Virtual Reality Lab, 2017. This project resulted in a $20,000 equipment grant to the students. Another initiative that I led was the creation of a travel fund for students. Yet again, the faculty supported these efforts and there is now an annual fund for postgraduate student travel.

Art History Association

The Art History Association at Indiana University, fondly referred to by many as AHA (as in, Eureka!), is an official organization acting as a social and academic support network for graduate students within IU's Department of Art History.

The organization’s goal is to foster a strong academic environment that encourages graduate students to pursue a variety of sound, creative approaches to art history while engaging meaningfully with peers, faculty, and the greater communities to which we each belong.

In service to these goals, AHA organizes an entirely graduate student-run annual symposium, hosts professional development workshops, and broadly distributes calls for papers and job postings via our active listserv. AHA also works to cultivate a sense of community through peer-mentoring, orientation programs, travel to nearby museums and institutions, and other social events.

In the Spring of 2018, I helped organize food and drinks for this event, and helped ensure all the needed supplies arrived on the day of the event.



Eta Sigma Phi

College honor society which grew out of a local undergraduate classical club founded by a group of students in the Department of Greek at the University of Chicago in 1914. This organization later united with a similar organization at Northwestern University and became Phi Sigma. Phi Sigma was nationalized in 1924, and chapters were organized at leading colleges and universities.

At the University of Texas, I served as the Treasurer for the Eta Sigma Phi Chapter at the University of Texas at Austin. Eta Sigma Phi is the We traveled to the national meeting and represented UT at the quorum.