At Indiana University, I have been allowed to co-teach several courses, and most recently design my own tutorial course.

Below please find brief course descriptions and evaluations, as well as links to the syllabi.

Term: Fall 2018

Topic: Computational Research in Classical Archaeology


Tutorial Description: The students in this class were asked to consider the history or the field of virtual heritage, and how to use computational methods to a research question in Classical Art and Archaeology. During the class, they participated in the design of an augmented reality exhibit, and considered how to display an archaeological context to the public in a Microsoft HoloLens. At the end of the term, they submitted term papers in which they synthesized their learning experience from the semester and proposed their own augmented reality exhibit.


Digital Exhibition Design

In the Spring of 2018, I led a tutorial course in which students researched an object in the museum’s collection, wrote a paper about the object, and designed an exhibit in augmented reality to communicate their narrative.

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Intro to Virtual Heritage

In the Fall of 2017, I co-taught a course with Professor Bernard Frischer in which we taught students how to research an object and create a digital restoration that communicates their idea about an artifact.

Course: Introduction to Unity / Designing Virtual Worlds

Terms: Fall 2016 / Spring 2017

Image Courtesy: Wikitude / AR in Museums

Image Courtesy: Wikitude / AR in Museums